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Paints & wood preservatives for the danish/scandinavian market

Paints & wood preservatives for the danish/scandinavian market

The paint factory Promal A/S, is situated in the northern part of Holstebro, in the middle of Jutland, Denmark. The factory has, over the years, produced paints & lacquers exclusively for the danish and scandinavian market.

The factory was founded in 1938 and has undergone several transformations and extensions over the years.
Today, Promal is a modern factory with 7000 m² production and storage area.

The enterprise today is owned and driven by Promal A/S (ltd) that was formed by the longtime factory manager Erling Kristensen and former owner of Vesla, Preben Laugesen.

White label production and production for different brands within the industry, has been the primary occupation for many years.

With a newer and more international aim, an english version of our website has been added, to make trade within the EU as well as outside the EU, easier for our costumers.

New concept & new business areas

January 2013 an acquisition was made, when we took over the dutch-owned whole-sale enterprise Den Braven Scandinavia A/S, which was situated in Vamdrup.

With the takeover, new business areas were added, importing and selling sealants, foams and specialities from Den Braven Netherlands.

Stock and activities were moved to our factory in Holstebro and are still active assets, meaning that foams and sealants can be purchased with paints for interior and exterior projects as well as for flooring projects.

With skilled employees and a low level of costs paired with our unique adaptability, Promal competes with the larger actors in the market.

Our paints and wood preservatives as well as our epoxies and polyurethanes are all produced in Denmark.

At the moment (fall 2016) the factory employs a staff of 12 skilled and professional people.

WEB : Along with the production of white label products, the retail portal was established in 2011. Our wholesale portal was added in 2013 and the english version was added at the end of 2016.