FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How it works

In this section, answers for some of the questions concerning this concept of online sales of paint, wood protection, sealant, foam etc. on an E-Trading platform, can be found.

Promal.dk is not  so much a webshop as it is an online platform for trade, with our dealers.

The concept is based on keeping costs low, by doing most of our trade online. That  way, we can supply  high quality paints in a competitive pricing range.

We do not print catalogues, brochures or price lists but show our current assortment and prices on-line instead. This ensures that prices are not only up-to-date, but the saved expences, ensure that you get the lowest possible price.

Must I create a log-in/user profile?

You have to create a user profile and the profile must be accepted and activated by promal to make a purchase on promal.dk. Without an active profile, it is not possible to log-in and view prices and/or make purchases on the site.

Whosesale only.
Items purchased on promal.dk are intended for resale/retail. End users please refer to www.maling.nu.

If in doubt, wether or not your business belongs on promal.dk, feel free to contact us on +45 96105080 or by e-mail info@promal.dk.

Within 24 hours of creating a user, (weekdays only) you will recieve an email, stating wether your user has been accepted.
Accepted users wil be able to create .pdf catalogues and will have access to view our prices.

Purchases can be paid in advance with any major creditcard such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express or with a bank transfer.

If you and your business wish to create an account or a credit account with us, please send your request and your delivery and billing information accounting: mel@promal.dk

How can I obtain a list of items & and prices?

Log in to the site.
When logged in, it is possible to get, save and print catalogues containing item descriptions, pictures & prices.

Click above product group on download as pdf. A pdf catalogue of the product group will be generated, containing item names, numbers, descriptions, pictures and prices.

Promal reserves the right to make changes to prices and assortment, at any time. Prices shown on promal.dk/en at the time of the purchase, are applicable.