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Promal.dk/en is the go to site for retailers of paint, for roof painters and for flooring contractors, when ordering products for painting or for floor coating projects.

The website functions as an interface for placing orders and as an online service containing technical information about products, product guides and pictures.

No retail sale  - wholesale only.

Within 24 hours of creating a user, (weekdays only) you will recieve an email, stating wether your user profile has been accepted.
Accepted users wil be able to create pdf catalogues and will have access to view our prices. An accepted user profile does not automatically entail, the creation of an account or credit acount with Promal A/S.

Orders can be paid in advance with any major creditcard such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express or with a bank transfer.

If  your business wish to create an account or a credit account with us, please send your request and your delivery and billing information to mel@promal.dk