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Promal A/S
Joachim Wellers Vej 27
7500 Holstebro
Tlf.  96 10 50 80
CVR: 20669438


Invoice & accounting:
Spar Nord 9873 4571798994

Wholesale only - no retail sale
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Preben Laugesen, CEO & sales manager

Cell phone:  +45 40 17 32 66 - E-mail:

Preben was originally trained as a carpenter and has, for many years, worked with epoxy products in his former enterprise, Vesla Gulve.

His primary areas today cover management in sales and marketing and the continuous development of the company. He specializes in products such as epoxies, polyurethanes, sealants and building foam.

Main shareholder of the parent company Lakrymal A/S.

Per Sørensen, Sales assistant, building & industry

Cell:  +45 21 49 13 33  -  E-mail:

Per is originally a trained mason and has worked with several different projects and tasks within the building sector.

He has great experience and a very large network. Per has the lead on establishing contacts with new and existing danish costumers.

Charlotte Brask, Costumer consulting, sales & web

Cell: 28 77 10 00  -  e-mail:
Charlotte is a trained sales assistant who specializes in paints, stains, lacquers and other products related to the paint trade. She has extensive knowledge of methods and products for interior and exterior use and is well versed in the paint industry.

Product advice, tinting and order handling are primary functions, as well as handling our web sites, data sheets etc.

Erling J. Kristensen, Technical director and production manager

Cell:   + 45 40 91 27 03  -  e-mail:

Erling is a highly skilled chemist and has been running the paint factory since 1986.

With great experience, Erling meets all technical challenges and makes sure that our products are of good quality, meeting the costumer demands of today.

Co-owner and member of the board.

Vinod Talpada, Development of epoxy products etc.

Cell: +45 28 91 44 00  - e-mail:

With a masters degree in polymere technology and 8 years of experience developing epoxy-systems in his homeland, India, Vinod and his familiy, has come to live in Holstebro.

With us, and in close cooperation with our technical director, he works with and develops our 2-component epoxy- & polyurethane systems.

He is currently learning danish, but for the time being, communication with Vinod, is in english.

Stefan Jessen, Logistics, purchasing & maintenance

Cell: 28 57 80 00  -   e-mail:

Stefan is a trained car mechanic and has, over the years, worked with maintenance of production equipment and purchasing.

Stefan is versatile and sees to maintenance of our equipment alongside his main job as production planner, logistics manager and purchaser.

Co-owner and board member.

Svend O. Nielsen - Logistics & shipping

Telephone:  +45 28 77 20 00  -  e-mail:

Svend has more than 12 years of experience as head of our warehouse & shipping.

If you need to know if your order has been shipped or if you have other questions about your delivery, or inquiries regarding returning of items, please free to contact Svend.

Merete Laugesen - accounting

Telefon:     40 17 31 66  -   e-mail: faktura:

Merete has a Bachelor of Commerce in accounting and enterprise economy. She has more han 30 years of experience, crunching numbers.

All matters concerning economy, payments and invoicing are Merete´s domain.

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